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Las Vegas Rolls the Dice on a New City Hall

January 1, 2010

Mayor Oscar Goodman hopes the project will set off a chain reaction of new development downtown and put an economically hurting city back to work.

Governing, January 2010


Tysons Corner, Reimagined

November 1, 2009

Can the iconic super-suburb break from its traffic-clogged past?

Governing, November 2009

Great Park Takes Shape

May 1, 2009
Orange County’s mega-park clears one hurdle but hits others.
Governing, May 2009

Lofty Goals

March 1, 2009

What exactly is a green job?

Governing, March 2009

Lighting up Broad Street

March 1, 2009

Philadelphia takes a bright idea from the Europeans.

Governing, March 2009

Shrink Rap

November 1, 2007

It’s easier to think about downsizing an imaginary post-industrial city than a real one.

Governing, November 2007

The Retail Chase

April 1, 2007

Cities will do almost anything to land the store of their dreams.

Governing, April 2007

Plus: my interviews with three retail experts.

Over-the-Rhine, One More Time

March 1, 2007

Cincinnati’s most troubled and beautiful neighborhood makes a comeback.

Preservation, March/April 2007

Smart Decline

November 1, 2006

Youngstown has lost more than half its population. Those people aren’t coming back. But shrinking doesn’t have to mean dying.

Governing, November 2006

Plus: My photo essay on Youngstown, and interviews with Mayor Jay Williams and urban planner Hunter Morrison.

UPDATE: New York Times Magazine includes “creative shrinkage” in its 2006 Year in Ideas issue. Now where did they read about that?

The Fuss About Eminent Domain

July 1, 2006

How a Supreme Court decision on takings unleashed a ferocious backlash.

Governing, July 2006