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Over-the-Rhine, One More Time

March 1, 2007

Cincinnati’s most troubled and beautiful neighborhood makes a comeback.

Preservation, March/April 2007


Honey, Our House is Historic!

October 1, 2006

Buildings from the mid-20th century are becoming eligible for landmark status. Local governments are trying to decide which are worth preserving.

Governing, October 2006

Plus: I interview three experts about preserving the ’50s. 

     * Dwayne Jones, executive director of Preservation Dallas

     * Julie Lawless, Ft. Worth planning department

     * Ron Wright, Arlington city councilman

The Battles of Blair Mountain

May 1, 2006

One determined West Virginian keeps alive the memory of an epic miners’ struggle.

Preservation, May/June 2006

Advancing Hope

September 1, 2005

For Gloria Rodriguez and her nonprofit group, Avance, preservation is a critical tool in the fight against poverty.

Preservation, September/October 2005

A Bridge Too Many?

September 1, 2004

Louisville’s fight to ease traffic has been long, bitter—and very American.

Preservation, September/October 2004