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Won’t Cyclists Behave?

October 1, 2009

When commuting by bike in D.C., you’ll notice two things. There are an awful lot of bicyclists on the road. And almost none of them obeys any traffic laws whatsoever.

Governing, October 2009


One Crowded Capital

January 1, 2009
Local officials in Washington, D.C., are getting ready for Barack Obama’s inauguration.
Governing, January 2009

Bike-Sharing Shortfall

October 1, 2008

I really do want to like bike sharing. But the way D.C. set up the nation’s first such program makes no sense.


Governing, October 2008

D.C.’s Waterfront Revival

April 1, 2004

You need not wander far from the steps of the U.S. Capitol to find a part of Washington, D.C., that even most locals don’t know exists.

Planning, April 2004

Reinventing the District

February 1, 2004

A pro-planning mayor and his planning director set a new course for a troubled city.

Planning, February 2004

S’mores on the Green Line

August 11, 2001

At Greenbelt Park, go camping…by Metro.

Washington Post, August 22, 2001